Full Name: Diavola Blackheart
Nickname(s): Dia, Dee, Didi
Age: 30
Nameday: 3rd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Origin: Midlander Hyur
Birthplace: Ala Mhigo
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Rhalgr, Nald'Thal
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Languages: Common
Favored Combat Class: Summoner, Dancer, Bard
Favored Profession Jobs: Botanist, Alchemist
Occupation Adventurer, Performer, Human Rights Activist, Lobbyist, Entrepreneur

▪ Personality ▪
passionate, quick-witted, playful, empathetic, curious
▪ Hobbies ▪
travel, reading, painting and sketching, photography

▪ Likes ▪
music, wine, tea, design and fashion, cakes and other sweet treats
▪ Dislikes ▪
ignorance, jealousy, injustice, greed, bigotry, poverty, cruelty

Physical Description

Height: 5 fulms, 2 ilms
Weight: 120 ponze
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Hair Color: Black with Crimson Highlights
Notable Traits: Her right eye glows an aetheric pale blue and she has a faint scar across her nose.

Phoenix's Fire

Since her time living in Hingashi, Diavola has felt a keen affinity toward the story of Suzaku. The Vermillion Lady's undying love for Tenzen, and the burning rage and anguish she lived with after his death struck a chord with Dia, who has lived with a deep, unexplained sense of nostalgic yearning for almost her entire life. Her chocobo, Phoenix, carries a name inspired by this aspect of fire and passion.


The true story of Diavola Blackheart...

The Early Days

The only child of Ala Mhigan noble House Blackheart, Diavola was orphaned at the age of five, her parents early targets of King Theodoric's reign of terror. She spent most of her childhood growing up destitute in a refugee camp in the barren deserts of Thanalan, just outside Ul'dah. As a youth, she made a name (and some coin) for herself working as a pickpocket and hustler in the back alleys of the city, learning quickly how to keep food in her belly and clothes on her back.Diavola became a natural leader in her adolescence, and took to looking after other, younger children within the city walls and out in the camps. She was a mentor to the others, teaching them street smarts and the skills necessary to navigate life in the city as safely and as morally as possible, taking only what they need to survive until they could earn a living on their own. Many of her young compatriots remain her close friends and associates to this day.

As she grew into womanhood, Diavola discovered that pilfering goods from merchants and scrounging for day-old bread wasn't the most efficient way of gathering coin for an attractive young lady. She began working as a street performer in Ul'dah, using her siren's song and flair for dancing to entertain citizens and visitors alike, who would gather in droves and cheer her performances late into the night.After one particularly inspiring show, Diavola was taken on an unexpected voyage to the Far East, by the captain of a privateer ship called the Rothschild. After becoming separated from ship and crew in Kugane, she was taken in by an okiya in the city, where she lived and worked for a year to earn her passage back home. When it came time to return west, Dia made her way home across land and sea, taking mercenary jobs and saving the coin she made while dreaming of a better future.

One final job brought Diavola back to Ul'dah, where she attempted to "retrieve" a valuable artifact from the Thaumaturge's Guild. She was caught leaving with the item in hand, and in the resulting scuffle, she discovered a strong affinity for manipulating aether to her will. Cocobuki was amused and intrigued by this young spitfire merc, and took her under his wing as his personal protégé.Diavola joined the guild and studied hard, eventually becoming a mage of considerable talent. Once her magical tuition was complete, she devoured books on music, art, dance, cuisine, politics and history, striving to educate herself on everything she could about Eorzean culture. She used this knowledge to climb social ladders and curry favor within the court and political circles, vowing to lobby for the rights of refugees like her until each and every displaced Ala Mhigan found a home.

In Recent Years

After completing her official studies with the guild, Diavola's grasp of magic continued to strengthen, and she began to explore the darker side of thaumaturgy, eventually becoming a fully fledged black mage. In one particularly harrowing ritual facing the primal Ifrit, her right eye was irreparably damaged by her own out-of-control magic, leaving a visible scar across her face. While she maintains sight, her eye remains an icy, aetheric blue color, several shades lighter than her natural deep sapphire hue.Regrettably, Diavola's mastery of thaumaturgy never returned to full strength after the accident. Desperate to get back what she had lost, she trained with experts from every school of magic, eventually going as far as trading favors with a suspected voidsent and working in secret with local beast tribes to gain access to primal secrets. She examined and dissected the source of their immense power, hoping to find a path back to her own. Instead, that knowledge lead her down a different path of magical attunement: that of the summoner.

Once her powers stabilized, Diavola spent most of her time exploring Eorzea. From the bustling streets of Limsa Lominsa to the deepest forest glades of the Shroud, she traveled far and wide adventuring, dancing, singing and making friends with most everyone she met. She advocated for the Ala Mhigan refugees everywhere she went, and utilized the contacts she made to weave a web of political influence, gaining access to members of the ruling Syndicate in Ul'Dah, and working closely with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.Diavola's participation in the liberations of both Ala Mhigo and Doma garnered no small amount of negative attention from Garlemald, placing a large target on her back with Imperial spies (and reportedly, the exiled Prince Zenos himself).In an effort to gain some semblance of safety and keep a lower profile for a time, Diavola visited the steppe and hired a mysterious former gladiator to act as her personal bodyguard, before returning home to Eorzea. She took up alchemy as an apprentice within an underground alchemical collective, and began exploring new business ventures with mercenary group the Red Gambit Brotherhood.

During that time, Diavola amassed a sizeable personal fortune and put down some roots, splitting her time between homes in Gridania and the Far East, where she invests her funds in supporting the re-building of the Doman Enclave and restoration of Ala Mhigo.Diavola also became a regular fixture at the Wolves' Den and in Frontline scrimmages, where she is said to all but raze the battlefield any time she sets foot across "enemy" lines. She then spent several months in Ishgard, studying with a cadre of renowned machinists to learn their way of life, giving her options outside of the schools of traditional magic to defend herself and her allies.Now, with the imminent Imperial threat quelled, Diavola has allowed her eternal wanderlust to get the better of her once more, and the call of distant lands became too irresistible to ignore. Dia is currently journeying to Radz-at-Han and Sharlayan in search of new and inspiring cultures and people.


Rumor Mongering

There are many rumors surrounding Diavola Blackheart. Is she a vampire? A succubus? A voidsent? Or is she just a sorceress obsessed with self-protection at any cost? Maybe you're a demon hunter looking for your next kill? Or an investigator sent to find out the real story?

The Politics of Dancing

Diavola is a fierce refugee rights activist and uses her influence to lobby the Ul'dah Syndicate to pass assistance programs. This put a target on Dia's back with more conservative members of the council. Will you join her in the fight for refugee rights? Or has the Syndicate sent you to silence her?

There's No Place Like Home

As a child, Diavola was found wandering the streets of Ala Mhigo during the Mad King's reign of terror, covered in blood and tears. She was swept away in the refugee exodus, and taken to the camps in Thanalan. Are you also a displaced Ala Mhigan? What stories do you have to share about home?

The Dark Rose of Ul'dah

Before Diavola turned her focus to entrepreneurial pursuits, she was a lauded performer: singing, dancing and entertaining politicians, nobility and royalty around the world. Have you seen her perform? Maybe you're a fellow performer?


Location Information

Primary Residence: Blackheart Manor | Marilith, Dynamis | Goblet W21-P19
Eastern Residence: Scarlet House | Coeurl, Crystal | Shirogane W21-P14
Northern Residence: Greystone Abbey | Marilith, Dynamis | Empyreum W11-P22
Summer Cottage: Paradise Falls | Coeurl, Crystal | Lavender Beds W21-P29
Business Office: Lucky Devil, Inc. | Coeurl, Crystal | Shirogane Kobai Goten W21 Apt. 50
Lounge Venue: Lucky Devil Lounge | Coeurl, Crystal | Shirogane W21-P13

What I Do...

  • I love photography and GPOSING photos of my friends, family and others!

  • I also own a speakeasy lounge and do occasional event promotion/venue work.

  • Visit my main carrd for more information.


RP and OOC Basics

  • I am a bisexual woman living in North America, MST time zone. I'm 41 years old OOC.

  • I enjoy most types of RP, from casual public conversation and visiting taverns, to long term character-building story RP and adventure/combat RP.

  • Please feel free to walk up or send a /Tell any time!

  • I use Mare Synchronos and am WCIF friendly. Just ask!

  • If I have the RP tag on, you can approach IC or OOC. If I am not tagged, please reach out OOC.

  • I strongly prefer to write in third person.

  • My personal writing style leans toward multi-paragraph, but I generally match co-writers for length and tone.

  • I only RP with characters/players over the age of 18. (Prefer over 25 for mature themes.)

  • I love making friends outside of RP! I'm happy to chat, visit a venue or run content during rare times that I'm not busy.